• Information for Students

    Due to concerns about COVID-19 and the Center for Disease Control's ongoing recommendation to limit gathering, the Career Development Center has made the difficult decision to postpone the Practice Interview Program until further notice.

    Whether you plan to enter directly into the working world, apply for graduate school or take time off to join a program such as the Peace Corps, interview experience is essential for everyone. Being able to effectively articulate how your skills and experience have prepared you to achieve your goals is a critical part of marketing yourself to the world.

    By participating in the Practice Interview Program

    • You get a chance to practice your interviewing skills in a non-threatening, yet professional environment with experienced interviewers and receive helpful feedback and professional advice.
    • You will learn how to articulate the importance of your liberal arts degree, your strengths, weaknesses, values, and skills in an employment setting or admission into a graduate school.
    • You will gain confidence in interviewing.
    • You will meet Hamline Alumni and local employers and have the opportunity to begin building your network.

    How to Register

    • Choose a job, internship, or graduate school program for which to interview. Print a description of the position or program. The description should include responsibilities and qualifications. Graduate school descriptions should include pre-requisites.
    • Update your resume and tailor it to the description you've chosen. You can make an appointment with a career counselor if you want assistance.
    • Come to the CDC in Drew Science 113 during registration week.
    • Turn in your resume and job, internship, or grad school description. Staff will assist you in finding an interview slot that fits your schedule and your desired career field.

    What to expect on Interview Day

    • When you arrive you will check-in with a CDC staff person and make a name tag.
    • After you’ve checked in, you will be asked to wait in the designated student waiting area.
    • Your interviewer will call you by name, greet you and bring you to her or his table to begin the interview. The interviews take place in an open room setting.
    • Immediately following the interview, your interviewer will provide both written and verbal feedback on your performance as well as your resume. You will receive a copy of the feedback form used. Your professor will want to see this as proof of program completion.
    • After the interview and feedback time, you are free to leave. Remember to send a thank-you note to your interviewer.  


    You can find job and internship position descriptions on Handshake or from websites recommended on the Jobs by Industry and Internship Search Resources by Industry webpages. To prepare for the Practice Interview Program, you may visit the Resume Resources page to help tailor your resume to the position you want and review the Interviewing handout to guide you in the process.