• LEAD Learning Agreement Tips

    Use the following chart to help you complete the LEAD Learning Agreement.

    *Reflection is part of every LEAD experience*









    What do I plan to learn or be able to do?

    What are the steps I will take to accomplish my objectives?

    How will I show that I learned or did what I said I would do?

    When will I be able to show this evidence?

    Academic Learning

    • What academic concept
      or theory can you explore or apply?
    • What academic concept
      or theory do you want to learn more about as a result of this internship?

    Professional Learning

    • What professional skills do you want to enhance
      or develop?
      • Oral communication
      • Written communication
      • Computer and technical competencies
      • Interpersonal and cultural competencies
      • Problem solving and decision making
      • Team work or leadership, etc.
    • What research skills, ethical standards, and professional protocols can you learn?

    Personal Learning

    What personal behaviors, attitudes, and skills are important for you to develop to be successful in this field?



    Ideas to consider (each objective
    may involve several steps):

    • Read books or articles on topics related to your internship.
    • Observe professionals at your
      internship site.
    • Schedule meetings with your
      supervisor or co-worker to discuss issues related to your internship
      learning objectives.
    • Practice using specific skills on site
      such as speaking a second language, writing memos, using a computer program or working with customers/clients.
    • Attend meetings or training events.
    • Complete a specific project such
      as writing a report or developing a resource binder for the organization.
    • Develop and administer a survey.
    • Facilitate a meeting, lead a
      workshop or conduct a focus group.
    • Attend a community event. 
    • Write an op-ed piece for a local newspaper or write a letter to your congressman to seek support for issues related to your internship site.




    Ideas to consider:

    • Keep a reflective
      journal of your experience on site.
    • Write a research paper related to the issues you work with at your internship site.
    • Create a piece of artwork or creative writing to reflect upon your learning.
    • Develop a web site or lesson plans around topics you work
      with at your internships site.
    • Achieve positive results on your evaluations.
    • Create a mission statement for yourself as a professional.
    • Write an annotated bibliography
      of the books and articles you studied while at your internship.
    • Write a project proposal of a suggested change or improvement related to the topics you worked with at your internship site.
    • Create an updated resume or a portfolio
      that details your learning from your internship.
    • Obtain a recommendation letter from your site supervisor.




    • Estimate completion dates for the steps of your learning plan.
    • With your faculty supervisor, determine which steps of the learning plan should be submitted for review.
    • Complete a "final product" to summarize your work throughout the course of the internship.