• Career Ready Internship Grant

    Hamline University is one of 33 recipients of the 2015-2018 Career Ready Internship Grant. This grant was developed by the Great Lakes foundation to provide funding to eligible colleges and universities that develop programs to create new paid internship opportunities for students with remaining financial need.

    Hamline’s grant award allows the university to provide compensation to approximately 169 students participating in unpaid internships during the 2016-2018 academic year. Due to limited funds, the application process is competitive. Applications will be reviewed and funding will be awarded based on eligibility criteria, demonstrated need, and type of internship site (funding is to be dispersed among students interning in a variety of nonprofit, for-profit and governmental organizations).

    Reminder: The Career Ready Internship Grant will only be available through Spring 2018.

    Eligibility Criteria

    In order to be eligible for grant funding, students must:

    1. Have Junior-Senior status at the time their internship begins.
    2. Prescreen their financial aid need eligibility through the Financial Aid Office to determine if they qualify to apply BEFORE turning in the grant application. (You may print out the Eligibility Card or pick one up at the CDC office)
    3. Complete the FAFSA for the academic year in which the internship occurs, and have
      demonstrated financial need, as calculated by the financial aid office, equal to or greater than the total wages to be paid for the internship.
      1. For purposes of this grant, financial need is calculated as the cost of attendance minus the student’s expected family contribution, minus any gift aid the student has received. Remaining need may be covered by internship wages under this grant.
      2. Internship wages earned under this grant may be used to displace student loans.    
    4. Maintain Title IV Satisfactory Academic Progress, as defined by Hamline University.(http://www.hamline.edu/policies/undergrad-students/financial-aid-and-academic-progress/)
    5. Be participating in a U.S. domestic internship.
    6. Have registered the internship for credit at Hamline (either 4-academic credits or a 0-credit LEAP-only internship).
    7. Be participating in an internship that is directly related to the student’s major and which provides the student with meaningful major-related work experience.

    Due to limitations from the Great Lakes organization, the following are not eligible for funding:

    1. Full-time internships (Winter is an exception)
    2. Internships on campus at Hamline University
    3. Students participating in student teaching practicums, nursing practicums, and co-ops
    4. Internships involving work on political campaigns or religious ministry
    5. Graduate students at the time their internship begins
    6. Students who have graduated
    7. International students

    In order to apply, any student must complete a prescreening of their financial aid need eligibility, meet the eligibility criteria above, secure and register their internship for academic credit BEFORE submitting any application materials.

    Required Application Materials

    The application process is competitive. Late and incomplete applications will not be considered. All completed application materials must be submitted together to the Career Development Center by 11:59 p.m. on the due date specified below.

    1. A fully completed Career Ready Internship Application (also available in the Career Development Center) 
    2. Application Essay
      The essay should be no more than 2 pages maximum, typed, double spaced in 12 pt. Your essay is a major component of your application and will be reviewed carefully and should be one smooth body of writing NOT responses to individual bullet points.
    3. Unofficial Hamline Transcript (registered internship must appear on transcript)
      Unofficial transcript is available to view and print from Piperline --> Student Services/Student Records/View online transcript/Submit

    Application Deadlines

    Applications are now accepted until filled for the following terms:

    • Winter 2018: Preferred deadline December 11, 2017
    • Spring 2018: Preferred deadline January 29, 2018

    • Reminder: The Career Ready Internship Grant will only be available through Spring 2018.

    Scholarship Notification

    After the committee has met and selected award recipients, students will be notified of their application status via e-mail within 2 weeks of the application deadline.

    If You Are Awarded a Scholarship

    Note: this award will be considered part of your financial aid package (if applicable).

    If you are awarded grant funding, you will be required to meet with Sarah Hurliman in the CDC to review the grant process and complete any required paperwork. All scholarship recipients are expected to complete a reflection survey regarding their internship experience and you may be asked to share your success story for grant reporting and marketing purposes.

    To schedule your meeting or for questions related to the Grant, please email Sarah at shurliman01@hamline.edu.

    If a student is awarded grant funding, he or she may receive funding up to the following number of hours worked at the internship, depending on the term that the internship is completed:

    • Winter: up to 160 hrs
    • Spring: up to 170 hrs

    Applying for this grant does not guarantee funding.

    Grant Internship Opportunities

    Applicants may view a list of grant eligible internships with preferred partner organizations below. These organizations have specifically expressed an interest in finding an intern who is eligible for funding through the Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Grant. Other unpaid internships may also be eligible for grant funding.


    Questions/Contact Information

    Applicants are encouraged to use the Career Development Center to get help finding an internship or completing the internship scholarship application. To schedule an appointment or to get your questions answered, visit the CDC in Drew Science, Room 113, email workshop@hamline.edu or call 651-523-2302.

    Alumni and Community Members

    If you are interested in donating to support additional students’ participation in unpaid internships, please contact Carrie Albers, Associate Vice President for Development at calbers01@hamline.edu.