• Information for Families 

    As a family member, you have always been involved in your student's life. Now that your student is at Hamline, you may be asking yourself, "What's my role going forward?" The staff at the Career Development Center hopes that you will continue to be an active partner as your student makes important decisions about major, career, and life after Hamline.

    How can I help my student?

    Some students know what they want to do early on, but for most students the decision about what they will do with their life can be a bit overwhelming. By talking with your student and sharing your experience, you can help them understand the many paths that can lead to a career.

    Here are some things to suggest:

    • Make sure your student has signed up with Handshake - our job and internship database.
    • Encourage your student to stop by the CDC and/or make an appointment with a career counselor
    • Talk with your student about their interests. What do you see as your student's strengths and passions?
    • Encourage your student to do an internship
    • If your student is a senior, ask about their plans after graduation

    Remember, the Career Development Center is here to help your student succeed. Feel free to contact us at any time.

    What else can I do?

    • Join LinkedIn, a widely-used professional network
    • Volunteer to interview students in the Practice Interview Program
    • Contact the CDC if your place of employment might have an internship opportunity or job opening
    • Volunteer as a guest panelist at selected CDC events  

    Other Resources

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