• How Do I ...

    Make an appointment? 

    Explore my major and career options?

    Search for a job or internship?

    Make the most of my internship?

    Network and conduct informational interviews?

    Write a resume and reference list?

    Write a cover letter or a thank you note?

    Interview effectively? 

    Connect with employers?

    Prepare for Grad school?  

    Make an appointment?

    Make an appointment with a career counselor to gain assistance on any career-related
    topic. Although our website provides many helpful resources, it is often beneficial to
    meet with a career counselor as well. In addition, schedule an appointment with our
    Internship Program Director to get specific assistance on internships. Call 651-523-
    or stop by our office (113 Drew Science) to schedule an appointment.

    Explore my major and career options?

    Major and career decisions are achieved through ongoing experience and reflection.
    Understanding yourself, your interests, values, skills and personality style will help you
    tremendously in your career search. The following resources are available to you in
    addition to individual assistance.

    Search for a job and internship?

    Job and Internship searching can feel overwhelming. There are many factors that
    go into a successful search. It is helpful to use a variety of methods when searching.
    Hamline Career Link is one resource to search and apply for positions.

    Make the most of my internship?

    An internship is a great way to apply classroom learning, test out your career objectives,
    help you identify your skills and strengths as well as help you acquire practical and
    professional skills. All of this leads to greater success after graduation. The majority
    of employers look for graduates who have completed at least one or two internships.
    Make an appointment with our Internship Director for more information and guidance.

    Network and conduct informational interviews?

    Networking is the most important strategy for developing a career plan and effectively
    landing a job or internship. Networking is not just about who you know, but who knows
    you. The majority of positions are found through networking; spend time networking
    and conducting informational interviews to be most successful. Hamline Career Link’s
    Piper Connect and LinkedIn.com are two great resources to get started.

    Write a Resume and Reference List?

    A resume is the first piece of information about you a potential employer will see. It’s
    crucial that it is prepared well. Meeting with a career counselor to review your resume
    is a great way to get specific feedback and tailor the document to the position you want.

    In addition to a resume, employers will typically ask you to submit a list of references
    when you apply to a position. The list should be comprised of people who know you
    well and can speak to your skills and abilities. Be sure to choose them wisely.

    Write a Cover Letter or Thank You Note?

    You should always submit a cover letter when applying to a position. This serves as a
    way for you to describe the skills and experiences you have that an employer is looking
    for. A cover letter is your chance to describe the ways in which you are a great fit for
    the position.

    After an interview, always follow up with a thank you note to the interviewers. It shows
    that you are polite and appreciate the interviewers’ time and consideration.

    Interview Effectively?

    Interviewing is an opportunity for you to “sell” yourself to a company or organization.
    You will need to clearly articulate your skills and experiences and also connect these
    to the position you are applying for. Keep in mind interviewing is also your opportunity
    to determine if the position is the right fit for you. Make an appointment to complete
    a mock-interview with a career counselor for specific feedback and to gain more interviewing experience.

    Connect with Employers?

    The CDC offers several ways for you to connect with employers. Stop by an employer
    information table (set up around campus) and attend an information session in which
    employers present information about their organization and the opportunities they
    have available. You can also participate in on-campus interviewing. To learn more
    about these opportunities visit the “events” tab in Hamline Career Link. Another great
    opportunity to connect with employers is through attending career fairs.

    Prepare for Grad School?

    Choosing to go to graduate school is a big decision, and the process of researching
    programs and applying to them can take time, energy, and strategy. We have many
    resources in our CDC library to help you along the way, stop by to check these out.

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