• Frequently Asked Questions

    What are sport clubs?
    Sport Clubs are student lead organizations comprised of individuals that share a common interest in competitive, recreational, and/or instructional sport activities at the collegiate level. All sport club organizations are created and managed by students and provides numerous learning and leadership experiences.

    What is the difference between competitive and social/recreational sport clubs?
    Sport clubs are broken into two categories social/recreational and competitive. Social/recreational clubs typically draw students interested in being involved in an activity primarily for meeting new people, having some fun and more casual participation. Competitive clubs are for those who have a desire to participate on a more formal basis and compete against schools on a local, regional, and/or national level. Some members in competitive clubs may be former high school or college varsity athletes that want to continue their sport with more flexibility and freedom.

    What is the difference between sport clubs and intramurals?
    Intramurals are short-term recreational activities that are only available on campus to eligible Hamline students, staff, and faculty. Sports Clubs are university recognized student organizations that are managed and funded by students. Many sport clubs are involved in off-campus activities and may even compete at the intercollegiate level locally, regionally or nationally year round.

    What are the benefits of joining a sport club?
    Involvement in sport clubs provides many valuable learning and leadership opportunities. Sport clubs allow students of all skill and commitment levels to participate in activities they may never have the opportunity to otherwise.

    Do I have to pay to join a sport club?
    Participation in a sport club is voluntary and may require individuals to pay membership dues. Dues are the foundation of funding for all sport clubs and may or may not be required depending on the club and its activities, in addition to fundraising and Campus Rec funding. In cases where club membership dues are required for participation they will typically be charged directly to your student account.

    Who can participate in sport clubs and how do I get involved?
    All Hamline students are eligible to join a sport club. In many cases, graduate and law students, as well as staff and faculty are allowed to join a sport club. Some of our clubs have membership in various leagues and associations which may further regulate the eligibility of participants. If you are interested in getting connected to sport clubs, you can complete the Sport Clubs Interest Form -or- contact Campus Recreation at 651-523-2817. To join a sport club, you will need to visit the Sport Club IMLeagues page.

    I don't see a sport club that I am interested in, can I start one of my own?
    Absolutely! Every sport club was started by a student with this same question. Sport clubs like any other org take commitment and hard work to be successful. If you would like to begin a sport club you will need to follow these procedures:

    1. Schedule a meeting with the Director of Campus Recreation to discuss your prospective sport club and to receive a Sport Clubs Application Packet. You can contact the Campus Recreation Office at 651-523-2817.
    2. Become a registered student org through the Office of Student Leadership & Activities.
    3. Once you have met the requirements to become a registered student organization, you can begin the process of becoming an official sport club by following the guidelines outlined in the application packet.