• Sport Club Directory

    Dance Team

    The purpose of the dance team is to promote school spirit at Hamline University. Dancers perform at football games, basketball games and on-campus events. The dance team also competes against DII and DIII dance teams from across the Midwest. The Dance Team performs a variety of genres such as jazz, pm, and hip-hop. In 2012, the team took 4th place out of 10 teams in DIII jazz, the "Best Overall Choreography Award" at the Tommie Invitational, and 6th place in the open college jazz division at the Spirit of America Championship.  Learn more about the Dance Team 


    Hamline Martial Arts Club (H.M.A.C) is the official Martial Arts Club of Hamline University. They are dedicated to the lifelong training of martial arts and the betterment of oneself. Everyone's martial journey starts in a different place and they are here to facilitate that beginning for the students, faculty, and staff of Hamline University. Learn more about H.M.A.C. 


    The Hamline Outdoor Recreation Club, better known as H.O.R.C, organizes a variety of outdoor recreation trips and activities throughout the year, such as camping, skiing, hiking, and so forth. HORC has set a goal of increasing the number, type, and quality of trips taken throughout the year both in Minnesota and across the US.  Learn more about H.O.R.C.


    Hamline University Golf Elite is a club for golfers of all skill levels, that also offers the chance to compete on a regional and national level. The club organizes regular golf outings at local courses in the area, as well as entering competitions against other schools. In 2012, two students placed 1st in regionals and competed in the National Collegiate Golf Championships in Las Vegas, NV. 

    Learn more about Golf Elite (H.U.G.E.).

    Men's Lacrosse

    Men's Lacrosse is a competitive club team who are members of the Great Lakes Lacrosse League. Learn more about Men's Lacrosse

    R.I.S.E Yoga

    A popular sport club for yoga beginners and enthusiasts, that offers weekly yoga classes and hosts a variety of events throughout the year.  Learn more about Yoga Club

    Rock Stars

    Looking for a fun, cool way to get off campus this year? The Rock Stars are a group on campus that goes climbing multiple times a week at Vertical Endeavors in both the St. Paul and Minneapolis locations. With practice you can be trained to learn top roping and even lead climbing. There is a members fee but with it you get to climbing with the club as many times as they go throughout the semester. The Rock Stars are also planning on competing in rock climbing competitions in the future as well.  Learn more about the Rock Stars

    Women's Lacrosse

    Competitive women's club team who are members of the North Central Women's Lacrosse League. In spring of 2014, the team advanced to regional playoffs which were held in South Dakota.  Learn more about Women's Lacrosse.