• Sport Clubs at Hamline

    Sport Clubs are recognized, student lead organizations, comprised of individuals sharing a common interest in competitive, recreational, and/or instructional sport activity. Sport Clubs allow students to participate in a variety of sport activities both for fun and at the competitive intercollegiate club level. Sport Clubs are created and managed by students, which provides numerous learning and leadership opportunities that further enhance the overall collegiate experience for those involved. The Sport Clubs program continues to expand with new organizations started by motivated students each year.

    Visit the Sport Club Directory to view a current list of sport clubs at Hamline.

    Join a Sport Club

    Sport Clubs are a great way to get involved on-campus, in fact, many students join a club during their first semester and are active until they graduate. New members are the lifeblood of any student organization. If you would like to get connected to any of the active sport clubs at Hamline, please fill out the Sport Club Interest Form.

    Start a Sport Club

    Don't see a sport club that fits your interests? As with all student organizations, sport clubs always start as an idea. With a little motivation and hard work, that idea can become a legacy you leave behind, just like all of our active sport clubs. For more information regarding how to start a new sport club, please contact Lamar Shingles at lshingles01@hamline.edu or 651-523-2817.