• Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I register or play even if I am not a Hamline Student, Staff, or Faculty Member?
    No, intramural sports are only open to current Hamline University students, faculty, and staff. Alumni are not eligible to play in the intramural leagues. 

    How do I access my IMLeagues account?
    To simplify the IMLeagues login and registration process, we implemented single sign on which allows you to access your IMLeagues account using your Hamline username and password. Now, when you click "Login" on the IMLeagues webpage, you will be redirected  to the Hamline login page.

    How do I register for intramurals?
    For most intramural events you will first need to activate your IMLeagues account.  To sign-up, go to the Intramural Login Page, sign-in using your Hamline username and password, and complete the registration form. 

    Are intramural events single gender or co-ed?
    All intramural events are open, unless otherwise noted. With open participation, there are no restrictions as to the gender balance of the teams and is entirely up to the team and the captain.

    Can I join if I do not have a team to play on?

    Yes! Anyone who is interested in participating but does not have a team can sign up as a 'Free Agent' on the Hamline IMLeagues website. As a free agent you can either request to join a team or could be contacted by a Team Captain who is looking for additional players. There are no guarantees that you will be placed on a team, but we will do our best.

    What's next once my team is registered?
    Once registration closes and eligibility of your team is confirmed, you are ready to play! Schedules will be posted within a few days after the registration end date. 

    What is the mandatory Captains Quiz?
    All teams captains must pass a captains quiz for their team to be eligible. The quiz is given on IMLeagues and takes the place of the former Captain's Meetings.

    How do I add more players to my team roster?
    Team captains can add players on IM League by either sending the player a request to join your team or confirming a player requesting to join your team.

    Where can I find the schedules and standings?
    Schedules and standings are available under the specific league page on IMLeagues once league play begins. Due to the nature of intramurals, be sure to check schedules frequently as changes may occur.

    How many games do I play each week?
    Most leagues play one or two nights per week.

    What is difference between Defaulting and Forfeiting a game?
    The best way to differentiate is to think of defaults as "excused absences" and forfeits as "unexcused absences." Defaults result in a loss of the game but have no immediate effect on playoff eligibility or sportsmanship rating. Forfeits by a team result in immediate ineligibility, and a team must be reinstated by the Coordinator of Campus Recreation to continue play.

    What are the rules and where can I find them?
    The rules are available online. Any questions can be directed to campusrec@hamline.edu or jguetter02@hamline.edu. You can also ask the officials working the games for any clarifications that you may need. 

    Do teams receive anything for winning the league championship?
    Yes, the winning team will receive the annual Intramural Championship T-Shirt.  Due to the fact we typically do not restrict the number of players on a roster, a limited number of t-shirts will be given to each team. Captains are responsible for deciding which team members receive a t-shirt.

    Where can I store my sports equipment?
    The Campus Recreation does not have any storage available for individuals’ sports equipment.
    The Athletic Department has lockers available free of charge at the Front Desk of Walker Field house, all you will need is your student ID.

    I am worried about having to walk across campus on my own after late games: how do I contact foot patrol to accompany me to my car or dorm?
    Walking with friends is always strongly encouraged since many intramural events take place late in the evening. You may also contact the department of Public Safety at: (651) 523-2100 for any assistance.