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    Campus Recreation is a fun, fast-paced, and dynamic work environment that offers multiple employment opportunities for students with a variety of interests and experiences. Student coordinators, supervisors, and managers play a critical leadership role in the management of intramural sports, marketing, and fitness. Our leadership opportunities provide students with the opportunity to develop valuable professional skills through direct hands-on experience.

    Campus Recreation Positions

    Intramural Sports Officials
    Entry-level positions that play a valuable role in the management of the IM program. This position is for students who are interested in the 'on-court' game management aspect of IM activities and may appeal students who may not be eligible to play particular sports due to varsity status, but still want to be involved.

    Intramural Sports Supervisor
    Intramural Supervisors play a valuable leadership role in the management of the IM program. This leadership position appeals to students who are interested in operational management of IM activities. Supervisors are given significant responsibility so previous experience in intramural sports is required.

    Recreation Desk Assistant
    The recreation desk assistants are essential to providing services and information related the Campus Recreation program. The desk operates during the day and into the evening during the week, which is a great opportunity for students with flexible schedules.

    Marketing Assistant
    Marketing Assistants play a vital role in the overall promotional objectives of recreational programs. Creative and innovative students in this position have the opportunity to work with print publications, digital photography and video, graphic design, social media, and other projects, to promote recreational activities.

    Mascot Performer/Special Events Assistant
    The Hamline Piper is the official mascot of Hamline University and is a key element of school pride, spirit, and tradition. This valuable position supports various on and off-campus events, programs, and varsity athletic competitions.

    Student Coordinator
    Student Coordinators are the highest level student leadership positions in Campus Recreation. These positions assist in the development, administration, and operation of all areas within the recreation program and provide students with the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on learning experience and build transferable skills. Coordinator positions are offered in variety of areas.



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