• Digital Signage

    Digital signage is a way for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to learn about the latest news and events. Four separate "channels" of information can be viewed on digital monitors in eleven buildings on Hamline's Saint Paul campus and Minneapolis location. Space is limited and will be given on a first come, first serve basis.

    All announcements must adhere to the Hamline University posting and canvassing policy.  

    Channels and monitor locations

    • The General channel can be viewed in Anderson Center, Bush Memorial Library, Giddens Learning Center, Sorin Hall, East Hall, Bush Center, Klas Center, and Robbins Science Center. Inquiries about content for this channel for students may be directed to SALD@hamline.edu and staff inquiries may be directed to Kelly Christ at digitalsign@hamline.edu.
    • The Athletic channel can be viewed in Walker Fieldhouse. Inquiries about content for this channel may be directed to Alex Focke at afocke01@hamline.edu.
    • The Minneapolis channel can be viewed at Hamline University Minneapolis. Inquiries about content for this channel may be directed to Amy Offermann at aoffermann01@hamline.edu.

    Channel and submission information

    Content on these channels include several zones:

    • News and Events (events listing and short bulletins)
    • Features
    • Crawls (national and Hamline news)


    There are several submission options for the Hamline community listed below. With your request, please include the start and end dates you'd like your announcement to run. 

    Required Information

    1. Events Listing - submit the event title, location, and start time.
    2. Features Bulletin - submit your artwork with the specifications listed below or download a Word template and customize your information.
      1. Create your own bulletin:  For groups already working on publication material, creating your own bulletin is an option. Keep in mind, less is more on digital signage.  One great image with the most important text is best.  Current students are the primary audience for digital signage, so consider your target audience. 
        1. Orientation:  Must be landscape, 1045 x 805 pixels.
        2. Format:  JPEG files only (no Word or PDF files).
        3. Font:  No smaller than 24 pts.
        4. Background:White works well and helps the content stand out.  Pictures work well, but be careful to use high-resolution images. Keep the Hamline palette and signage headers in mind. For example, with blue and orange headers (on the General channel) and the burgundy word mark, a bulletin heavy with pink stands out for the wrong reasons.
      2. Download a Word Template: Use a designed template to create your bulletin.
        1. DS-t3-VerticalStripe-view Download: Word
        2. DS-t1-dotbkgrd-view Download: Word
        3. DS-t1b-dots-view Download: Word
        4. DS-t4-graph-view Download: Word
      3. Request a feature bulletin: Faculty and staff may submit text and images idea two weeks prior to the date you'd like to see the bulletin posted. Marketing staff will create a bulletin for you. Please include the start and end dates you would like your bulletin to run.
      4. Submit your video following these specifications:
        1. Size: 1045 wide x 805 high pixels (or as close as possible). Output the video at 720 pixels.
        2. Format: MPEG4 at 2-3 megabits or MPEG2 at 4-6 megabits
        3. Fade:  all videos should fade up and fade down to white
        4. Time: 12 seconds is the maximum length

    Please keep in mind that all content inclusions, length, design, and loop-time are at the discretion of Marketing staff.