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    7.   Please provide the course description for the Bulletin and Piperline. Undergraduate course descriptions should be written in the goals/content format.



    Rationale and Impact:

    1.  Provide the rationale for adding this course.


    2.  How does this course fit into the departmental curriculum? (required course for major/minor/certificate; elective course for major/minor/certificate; etc.)


    3.  How does this course fit into the broader CLA or Hamline University curriculum? (to what programs outside the department will it be applicable)

    4.  What is the relationship of this course to ongoing departmental learning outcomes and how will those outcomes be assessed?


    5.  What are the staffing and cost impacts?


    6.  What implications does this change have for the Library and the Technology Resource Center? (see Library liaison for assistance with this section)


    Please note that, if you will be seeking Hamline Plan designations for this course, all Hamline Plan proposals must be submitted to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, using forms available at http://hamline.edu/hamline_info/offices_services/administration/aaffairs/ucc/index.html.

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