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Business and Art of Music Internship


Megan Thompson’s recent internship at the Minnesota Chorale was a perfect fusion of her two areas of study: music composition and business administration.

"Naturally, an internship within an arts organization was a good fit for me to apply all of the skills I'm learning in the classroom to the business world," Thompson said.

Undergraduate students are required to participate in a meaningful internship that pertains to their major or minor in order to gain a better understand of the field they are interested in and to enable them to apply what they are learning in class to the work they want to do in the future.

Most of the work Thompson does is of the administrative nature including filing and aiding with score distribution to singers. Thompson enjoys being able to work administratively alongside musicians, knowing she is helping to spread music.

"I get to work with outstanding people who are not solely working to get paid, but working to spread music and art throughout the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and the United States. I've learned so much,” Thompson said.

Thompson’s internship helped affirm that she would enjoy a career in arts administration and also believes her internship will help her fulfill that goal.

"An internship is a great opportunity to have, and I'm glad to have one so early in my career. I can use what I've learned in my internship and apply it to my future career."