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Giving of Herself

During Minnesota’s Stay at Home Order, Molly Isaacson, an analyst in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, has been crunching numbers at home but she still found time to assist the Red Cross by donating blood.

Isaacson is healthy and her blood type is O positive, which is in high demand because it can be used to help over 80% of the population who might need blood during surgery or due to a trauma. For these reasons, type O blood is the most requested by hospitals. The COVID-19 epidemic canceled local blood drives and reduced blood donations and Isaacson decided that it was a good time to donate.

“Since I am working from home regardless, it seemed like a perfect time to donate and recover as I don't bounce back right away from a donation,” said Isaacson.

She made the appointment through the Red Cross website. Once arriving at the facility, everyone maintained the required social distance until the actual donation, which went smoothly. Afterward, she was given a snack because she almost fainted.

“I got up too fast, despite waiting 20 minutes,” said Isaacson. “Like I said, I don't bounce back right away.”

Despite the physical discomfort and needed recovery time, Isaacson will donate blood again.

“When my daughter was born she received life-saving blood so I want to give back as often as I can,” Isaacson said.

Another member of the Hamline community has a significant connection to the Red Cross; Phil Hansen MNM '12 is the CEO at American Red Cross Minnesota Region. For more information about donating blood, please see the Red Cross website

Written by staff