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To Succeed Moving Forward Marketers Need to Create Emotional Connections

 Hamline School of Business’s Sonal Gerten teaches Foundations of Marketing and Consumer Behavior. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all aspects of life now and will bring lasting change into the future. Gerten offered a quick take on what marketers can expect moving forward.

What should marketers focus on during this time?

Now is not the time for overt product promotion. Consumers want to support brands that represent our shared American values during this hardship. These values include gratitude, community, kindness, etc.

What should marketers keep in mind as we move through this new existence?

Even though restrictions will be lifted, this pandemic will permanently alter our beliefs and the way we work and live. Consumers will want to continue to support brands that are perceived as the “helpers,” and brands need to go above/beyond to build these meaningful relationships or “best friend” status with consumers right now, during the crisis.

What are the business opportunities coming out of the COVID-19?

Brands will need to attend to the emotional impact of this event. We all need to experience moments of hope and joy. John Krasinski’s “Some Good News” is drawing audiences because it does make people feel hopeful. On a practical level, the move to online life will yield benefits for “direct-to-consumer” brands. Consumers have been nudged during this crisis to become more tech-savvy and may still be cautious about physical crowding. I think we’ll also see an uptick with subscription box services (DIY jewelry, meal kits, craft kits, personal care kits, etc.). And personally, I would LOVE to go do a drive-in movie to see a film on the big-screen in the safety cocoon of our cars.

Written by staff