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    Responsive Upgrade

    The use of mobile devices has increased greatly during the past five years, and is growing exponentially among prospective and current students. The Hamline web team has been tracking mobile use on hamline.edu as well, and has already seen a rise in the number of mobile users try to access the website. The web team recognized that it can be a major challenge to view a website that is built for the desktop on a mobile device, like a smartphone. Text can be difficult to read, menus stop working, and many features such as social media feeds and video players don't work properly.

    To counter these issues, we've been working with our ITS department and an expert vendor to build new responsive templates that have been fully optimized for mobile devices.  Additionally, we've taken this opportunity to clean up the website, fix many bugs, and create a new and improved look for Hamline's website.

    What Does Responsive Mean?

    One definition of responsive web design is "an adaptable approach to creating an optimal website experience for easy reading and navigation across all devices."

    In other words, it means that the responsive upgrade will allow us to deliver the same content on any device (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more) and the visual layout will automatically change in an intuitive way.   

    We are preparing for a template upgrade that will make the Hamline University website easy to view and access among all devices: desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, and more. While we do not have a set date, our goal is to implement the new upgrade by the end of June.

    The template upgrade will include these minor changes.

    • 2 Column Layout
    • Main column content will be made more prominent
    • Navigation column will be moved to the right
    • Existing right column content blocks to be moved under the main column content
    • New Image Sizes

    What Do I Need to Do?


    This is a template upgrade, NOT A RE-DESIGN. You will continue to add and edit content just as you do now in Ektron. The Web Services Team has gone through every page of our site to ensure that any necessary changes were made without putting any extra work on you. Existing website content will adjust to the new template upgrades automatically and we will move or remove incompatible content.

    However, now is a great opportunity to evaluate your website.

    • Update content.
    • Re-examine your Related Links or Additional Links.
    • Consider reducing large areas of text for easier viewing.

    Keep in mind that there are some website elements that will not work well in the new responsive templates.

    • Facebook Feeds
    • PictoBrowser
    • Google Calendars and Maps
    • Table-based Layouts

    The web team is auditing all content on the website to identify elements that will not work and exploring solutions.  However, you may see changes throughout June as we prepare to migrate content in the new templates and remove items that will not function after the upgrade goes live.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or if something has changed on your website before changing it back.

    Contacting the Web Team

    If you would like to talk to us about any changes being made to your site, any issues you encounter post-launch, or if you'd like to discuss how to make your site even better for mobile and tablet users please feel free to reach out to us using the form below:

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