Meet Lauryn Magwaro '23

Lauryn Magwaro Hamline students with a Hamline professor on the lab

For this biochemistry student, Hamline is a place to prosper

Lauryn Magwaro '23 felt torn as she was finishing her college search. She'd been accepted into both Hamline University and the University of Minnesota, and she couldn't decide where to take her interest in biochemistry.

In typical Piper fashion, Magwaro decided to be proactive about her future: She reached out to the departments at both schools to learn more about how her studies there might look. It was her conversation with biology and biochemistry professor Betsy Martinez-Vaz that showed Magwaro how Hamline stands apart from its peers.

"I connected with Betsy and had a virtual meeting with her, and she explained how the program helps students get opportunities outside Hamline," Magwaro said. The professor's clear commitment to her students and the school's proven record of introducing students to the work they'll encounter in their careers convinced Magwaro that Hamline was the place for her.

"The professors here are phenomenal. They're always available, and they want you to do well," Magwaro said. "I always look up to their advice."

The professors here are phenomenal. They're always available, and they want you to do well. I always look up to their advice.

The field work Magwaro has done through the biology and biochemistry departments has helped her find the right career for her. She's participated in summer research labs through the department three years in a row, building expertise and discovering new paths along the way.

"I'd always wanted to be in the medical field, but my research and work study experience have sparked my path out of medicine. I want to do more of an industry job," Magwaro said.

Reflecting on her college journey, the indecision Magwaro felt as a high schooler is a distant memory.


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