• Assessment at Hamline

    The Hamline University Learning Outcomes Assessment Framework is comprised of the following steps:

    • Develop or revise major/program learning outcomes
    • Align/connect learning outcomes with University learning outcomes where appropriate
    • Develop assessment measures (tools and expectations) and assessment timeline
    • Implement assessment activities, document activities and dates completed
    • Collect assessment data; document results & findings; disseminate, present and archive data
    • Analyze results in timely and meaningful way; determine what changes or improvements are called for
    • Make changes and improvements based on results and the document (close the loop)

    Each component is a part of the Assessment Cycle that completes itself (closes the loop) in the last stage when changes are made based on feedback received.

    Hamline University has defined program-level and university-level student learning outcomes. Learn more by visiting the pages below.

    Hamline University Learning Outcomes
    Outcomes by Department
    Hamline Plan Learning Outcomes

    Reporting Requirements
    Upload your reports here
    Program Assessment Plan Template 
    Annual Program Assessment Progress Report  
    Reporting Review Cycle  

    Assessment Calendar & Submission Details (reporting the previous academic year) 





    Student Affairs 

    Academic Affairs & Athletics 

    By Jan 22   Peer review has occurred.

    By February 15: submit annual report & assessment plan to: 

    Administrative Heads  

    Administrative Head  

    Associate Dean 

    Dean of Students 

    Provost’s Office 

    By February 15, also submit annual report & assessment plan to: 

    Go to the following link:
    to submit annual progress report, assessment plan, curriculum map, and other documents. 

    By April 30

    CLOA feedback sent to Programs and to Deans