• J-Term 2019 - Undergrad

    Take advantage of a wide variety of J-term courses to experience all that Hamline has to offer. You can benefit from registering for a J-term course no matter your major or year.

    Why Take a J-Term Course?

    • Immersing yourself in just one course full-time is a one-of-a-kind learning experience.
    • Earn one or two Hamline Plan letters with just one J-term class.
    • Quench your curiosity and delve into a new topic of study. It’s what the liberal arts are all about!
    • If you take a course every J-term for four years, you can complete a semester's worth of credits.

    J-Term Courses

    J-term offerings appeal to a wide range of interest and needs. View J-term course listings on Piperline. Select On Campus Undergraduate, Winter 2019.

    Registration for J-term opens on Monday, November 12. Check the academic calendar to find your registration date.


    J-term (winter term) tuition is discounted for all students.

    Important Dates and Information

    As with all undergraduate course registration, please be sure to view the academic calendar for all important dates and familiarize yourself with all applicable policies and procedures.

    Questions? Talk with your advisor or Registration and Records at registrar@hamline.edu or