• Project Call

    The “Project Call” process provides a method through which Hamline faculty and staff can present Facilities projects for consideration and potential approval.  It also provides an “other” category for requests that involve scientific equipment, library purchases, and athletic capital.

    The Project Call process is designed to allow submissions throughout the course of the year.  There are no deadlines associated with this process, although the timing of a request may determine if and when that request can be considered for implementation.  The submission of a Project Call request is focused more on understanding the need of an area versus prescribing the solution. This process does not consider normal break/fix service requests that occur during the year through a Facilities service request.  It is project-driven, where required resources might include operating or capital funds, stakeholder time, Facilities staff time, and/or substantive process modification. 

    The Project Call process solicits requests for Facilities projects that support Hamline University’s strategic initiatives.  Project Call requests can (and should) be submitted at any time -- for full and timely consideration, the sooner the better.  Please keep in mind that certain requests, such as potential projects requiring Facilities to get vendor-provided services scheduled in January for summer work, will have to be made well before January to be implemented in the following summer.  

    Project Call requests will be:

    • Reviewed by Executive Sponsor(s) -- Deans, Vice Presidents, and/or the Provost
    • Assigned Case Manager(s) from Facilities, who will work with the requester(s) to further define the request, identify options, and develop resource estimates
    • Considered and prioritized by advisory committees -- including ITSAC, Campus Planning Committee, and Budget Advisory Committee
    • Forwarded to President’s Staff and/or the Board of Trustees for final decision-making and priority-setting

    Click here to view a diagram of the Project Call process.

    The Submission Form and instructions for using it are linked on the left menu of this page, as is a description of the review and prioritization process.  Please work with your teams to ensure they understand the process and can provide input. 

    If you are an Executive Sponsor or Case Manager, the portal or form you need is also linked on the left menu of this  page.  

    If you have any questions as you work your way through this process, please feel free to call Michelle Hegarty for Finance assistance.