Hamline News

Pokémon GO on Campus


Pokémon have taken over campus! Whether you just downloaded the Pokémon GO game, or you’re a level 30 gym leader, the Hamline campus is a great place to catch Pokémon, restock your supplies, and battle at gyms.

Within the bounds of campus, Pokémon trainers can reach over 20 different PokéStops and three different gyms, including one at the Bishop statue. Campus is also a hotspot for the pocket monsters. Along with the common Pidgeys and Wheedles, rare Pokémon like Staryu, Eggsecute, Jigglypuff, and Meowth have been spotted on campus. 

To those who are not familiar with the Pokémon GO, it is a free smartphone game that allows players to interact with their environment using the phone’s GPS. In real time, players can walk around neighborhoods to find the locations of different creatures. They can also visit specific locations called PokéStops to restock on supplies or gyms to battle the creatures they’ve found.

We encourage trainers to take a Pokémon GO tour of campus to find all of the historic buildings and memorial trees that correspond with PokéStops. You may even find that the Pied Piper has set up a lure to catch all of those pesky Rattata. As it says in the app's disclaimer, stay alert and always be aware of your surroundings.