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Hamline's Favorite Corgi

Wally is a crucial member of the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Whether he is greeting people with a happy face, cheering people up with his contagiously positive attitude, or entertaining people while they wait, everyone loves Wally. In fact, Wally might be the most loved of his kind in the office. You could say he is definitely top dog.

This corgi’s Piper pride all started in the summer of 2017 when his parent Lauren Loeffler took him on a tour of Hamline’s campus. After sniffing out some great study spots and the campus dining hall, Wally fell in love with Hamline. He has since spent much of his time at the Hamline Admission Office, and even helped in their holiday celebrations.

Loeffler is Hamline’s experience coordinator, so Wally is able to meet many visiting students who come to campus for a tour. In fact, there is nothing Wally enjoys more than meeting people who share his love for Minnesota’s first university. He has become the unofficial mascot of the Hamline Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Next time you visit the admission office, be sure to say hi to Wally, give him an ear scratch, and ask him how his dog-toral degree in pup-lic administration is coming.