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Hamline Professors Featured on The Academic Minute

Three Hamline professors — Stacie Bosley, Lisa Stegall, and David Schultz — have been featured in The Academic Minute podcast to discuss their research. The Academic Minute is hosted by Dr. Lynn Pasquerella, president of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, and every day it shares new research happening in colleges across the country. 

Stacie Bosley, assistant professor of economics, discussed her research on pyramid schemes and how to keep your finances protected. Her studies found that participation rates in pyramid schemes were “higher in counties that had experienced larger economic contractions and that had easily targeted, high-trust affinity groups such as religious communities, the recently retired, and minority populations.” Her research team is currently investigating individual risk factors. To hear Bosley’s interview, listen to her podcast

Assistant Professor of Biology Lisa Stegall discussed her studies on the positive effects of dancing, especially with the elderly, as well as the role of exercise in improving physical function. She led a study where a group of people aged 60 to 80 years old “participated in an hour of music and movement training called Dalcroze eurhythmics.” It is the team’s hopes that more senior programs adopt this type of activity. To hear Stegall’s full interview, listen to her podcast

Political Science Professor David Schultz spoke about the importance of local government and his efforts creating communities’ assemblies across Minnesota that help residents get involved, learn more about local government, and initiate structural or political reform. Schultz’s team has learned that bringing neighbors together helps decrease the partisan divide, and people see themselves as neighbors “engaged in the common project of trying to live and work together and not as adversaries.” To hear more about Schultz’s research, listen to his podcast.