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Piper Pride Takes the Field at Saints Game

Fall-like weather didn’t cool the turnout of Piper pride at the last Hamline Night of the season at the Saint Paul Saints baseball game. Students, alumni, staff, and faculty attended the game to cheer on the Saints, participate in Saints in-game promotions, or hand out some Piper swag.

The theme for the game played on August 3 was superhero night. Before the game even started, our own superhero, the Hamline Piper, took pictures with alumni and costumed heroes alike. To start the game, another Hamline superhero and a NCAA Woman of the Year nominee, Mary-Clare Couillard, joined the Piper on the pitcher’s mound to throw the first pitch.

The first 1,000 attendees at the game received Hamline sunglasses to add to their summer look. An information table was also staffed by the Graduate Admission Office to complete the Hamline showcase at the game.

By the time the third inning rolled around, Couillard was in the radio booth sharing her Hamline experience. Saints broadcaster Sean Aronson talked to Couillard about her time on the softball team, how one gets nominated for the NCAA Woman of the Year, and her dreams of becoming a sports information director.

You can listen to Couillard’s interview on Youtube in addition to the interview with Lexus Tatge at the first Hamline Night at the Saints.