Hamline News

Message from President Miller

Dear Hamline Community,

I want to take this opportunity to reinforce an important part of my message from Convocation earlier today.

You can not have them.
They are Dreamers.
They belong to us.

I know the Trump Administration’s announcement about DACA is troubling for so many in our community. As the university continues to assess the implications for our students, I want to reassure you of Hamline’s, and my own, continued commitment to these students. They are a vital part of our university and greater communities. We will do all we legally can to ensure our undocumented students can pursue their degrees and the dreams that higher education makes possible.

From its very start, Hamline has been an institution that strives to create and nurture a welcoming, diverse, and collaborative community. Our founders, Methodist pioneers and ministers, recognized the necessity of higher education as a pathway to a better life for themselves and future generations. Now, Dreamers are looking for that future, unencumbered by choices made for them when they were children.

What Congress will do in its efforts to find a replacement for DACA is yet unknown. In the meantime, Hamline is in the process of identifying internal and external resources for our students to supplement those already in place. If you are a Hamline student who needs information or to talk to someone, please contact the Dean of Students’ Office by email at an-studentaffairs@hamline.edu and ask to schedule an appointment. When you do so, simply request a referral, rather than disclosing your immigration status. Then, a confidential meeting with an appropriate resource can be set up for you. You can also refer to the Undocumented Students webpage for a list of resources.

The challenges we are facing in this nation are many, yet I am heartened to know there is a groundswell of support for DACA students at Hamline, throughout the higher education community, and in the nation generally. In the fall of 2016, more than 600 college and university presidents, myself included, signed a petition in support of DACA. Now, this group is working collectively to identify possible resources that can be shared across the nation’s campuses. As leaders, we all agreed that supporting DACA is both a “moral imperative and a national necessity.” We stand together, and call on our elected officials to stand with us to support our students who are so important to the nation’s strength and vitality.


Dr. Fayneese Miller
Hamline President