• OIE 762x320

    Strategic Objectives for the Hamline Community

    Leadership, Ownership, and Partnership

  • Leadership

    Training, learning, and development

    Objective: Members of the Hamline Community will demonstrate cultural competency by learning key concepts that will address and reduce bias; foster equity, inclusion, and diversity; and, equip individuals to lead change on campus and in a changing world.

  • Ownership

    Metrics and evaluation

    Objective: Hamline will develop and practice protocols that measure and evaluate equity, inclusion, and diversity progress. These protocols will create expectations throughout the institution, maintain specific standards of practice, and promote a culture of engagement.

  • Partnership

    Campus Climate, Culture, and Community

    Objective: We will develop a campus climate and culture where all community members feel welcome, supported, and experience a sense of belonging. This overall well-being will be visible through authentic, respectful, and engaged relationships.