• HUSA Executive Committee (EC) Elections 

    The purpose of the Hamline University Staff Association (HUSA) is to enhance the work environment and represent the interests and concerns of staff in the overall governance structure of the university. HUSA membership includes Hamline University non-faculty staff (full-time and part-time, exempt and non-exempt, union and nonunion) who are not Hamline “student employees.” 


    The governing/working body of HUSA is the Executive Committee (EC) which: 

    • provides representation for staff interests across the campus. 
    • is comprised of 12-14 staff. 
    • includes four officers (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer) who are chosen from among second and third year EC representatives to provide leadership to the committee. 


    Each Executive Committee member:  

    • serves two years, with the option of a third - in staggered terms - beginning at the start of Hamline’s fiscal year on July 1st. 
    • meets twice a month with the EC as a whole for 1 to 1 ½ hours. These meetings may include presenters that have information they want disseminated to the whole staff, i.e. HR, General Counsel, CFO, CIO, etc. 
    • as part of one of four subcommittees (events, elections, communications and services to staff), meets once or twice a month, as decided by those on their respective subcommittee. 
    • attends the HUSA fall & spring all-staff gatherings; with an additional mid-year update. Prepares between meetings as needed. 


    Hamline staff elect EC representatives through a voting process via Google ballot. 

    • The election takes place in April. (Staff are sent the link to the ballot via email.)
    • Successful candidates are committed to: collaborating with colleagues from across the campus; engaging in staff-wide issues and initiatives from the ground up; and representing the voice of fellow staff members as part of the HUSA Executive Committee. 
    • HUSA strives to have equal representation from exempt and non-exempt staff 


    • To nominate yourself, submit a brief bio and statement, using the online form, about what you can bring to the HUSA EC.  
    • To nominate someone else, send their name to husa@hamline.edu. They will be contacted by the HUSA elections subcommittee. 
    • The deadline for inclusion on the ballot will be sent to all staff via email each year.