• In Case of Emergency

    In Case of Emergency

    Medical Emergencies

    If a medical condition appears potentially life-threatening, you should call 911 and then notify Hamline Public Safety at 651-523-2100. 

    Mental Health Emergencies

    If an individual's behavior appears potentially life-threatening (to self or others), you should call 911 and then notify Hamline Public Safety at 651-523-2100.

    If an individual's behavior is bizarre or disruptive to the extent that a serious mental health problem is suspected, you may consult with staff at Counseling & Health Services by calling 651-523-2204. However, if consultation is required immediately or is needed on evenings/weekends, you should contact the Ramsey County Adult Mental Health Crisis Program at 651-266-7900. (Staff from this program can conduct on-site assessments 24/7 and can facilitate emergency hospitalization if necessary.)

    Students who experience an urgent need to talk with a counselor and are unable to wait for a crisis appointment at Counseling & Health Services may contact The Crisis Connection at 612-379-6363. (This resource is available 24/7 and is also available to non-students.)

    Students may schedule same-day crisis counseling appointments (available Monday-Friday) at Counseling & Health Services by calling 651-523-2204. However, students requiring immediate mental health support should utilize one of the resources listed above. Please note that faculty and staff are not eligible for on-campus counseling services, and should instead contact their health insurance provider for counseling support. 

    Notification of Death or Serious Illness/Injury

    In the event of a death, or a serious illness/injury sustained by a student, staff, or faculty member, refer to procedures for notifying members of the Hamline community

    Preparedness for Emergencies

    The Hamline Alert system is designed to ensure that all members of the university community can stay informed in the event of an emergency. To sign up for the Hamline Alert system, please login to Piperline. (You will need to have your mobile phone/PDA/pager on hand when you enroll.)

    For information regarding campus emergency preparedness (e.g., severe weather, crime prevention, evacuation procedures) visit the Office of Public Safety

    Well-Being Checks

    If a residential student is believed to be missing or in a state of severely compromised health and s/he cannot be located or contacted, a well-being check can be initiated by contacting Hamline Public Safety at 651-523-2100. (For individuals residing off-campus, a well-being check should be requested through the Saint Paul Police Department by dialing 911.)