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    A message from the President

    President of Hamline

    Dear Hamline Faculty and Staff,

    I am pleased to announce the official launch of Hamline NOW, a set of digital initiatives that will lead to productivity enhancements, efficiencies, and innovations in how Hamline accomplishes its mission. 

    As a major step in this initiative, the university has chosen to replace Banner as Hamline’s system of record. This decision was made following a two-year evaluation by a university-wide committee of stakeholders which considered a number of options and concluded that the use of Banner was no longer feasible due to cost and usability. The committee recommended replacement with the modern, cloud-based system Workday. This will allow us to streamline the university’s finance, human resources, payroll, student administrative operations, and associated processes and allow for the data-driven insights required to drive strategic decisions. 

    Knowing that this will be a major change for faculty and staff, the implementation of Workday will take place in phases with departments receiving ample training and support. Updates will be available through Inside Hamline and as needed to those who will be involved in this process. With a multi-year and phased implementation plan, Workday will be rolled out over the course of several years, through approximately 2022.

    With the decision to go forward with Workday as a foundational step, there will be a suite of projects included in the Hamline NOW initiative, including a temporary uplift to Banner 9 for students and a series of other initiatives that will positively impact the experiences of our students and employees.

    My thanks to the members of the executive steering committee and the university-wide steering committee for their leadership throughout the exhaustive process. Keeping our systems and processes in line with the continual changes in technology and the needs of our students, faculty, and staff is imperative to the future success of the university. I look forward to the next steps that will allow all of us to realize the potential of this new technology to benefit our community and our work at Hamline.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Fayneese Miller



    What the Executive Steering Committee is saying ...


    John Matachek, Provost

    John Matachek

    "The Workday platform will allow faculty, staff, and students better access to real-time information in formats which are more intuitive to use and easier to share and collaborate across. Coupled with the ability to do on the spot data search and analysis without the need for external programming, the new system will allow us to ask and answer questions which were previously beyond our ability to do with existing resources."

    Cathy Wassberg, VP & General Counsel

    Cathy Wassberg

    “I believe Workday will allow employees more self-service access to their personnel information, like their pay and benefits.”

    Margaret Tungseth, VP, Finance and Administration

    Margaret Tungseth

    "From a Finance perspective, the ability to make better-informed and timely decisions is imperative. Because Workday is an integrated, real-time system, we will be able to capture data at any moment. We will be able to see not only where we were a quarter ago, but where we are right now in a fraction of the time it currently takes to do that type of analysis. We will no longer have to wait for the end of a period of time to determine what adjustments we may need to make, instead, we will be able make them mid-stream. If enrollment doesn’t come in, or if it comes in significantly stronger, we will be able make the adjustments we need on the fly and in real time. This ability to be nimble, make decisions that we are confident are being supported with good data, will enable us to better allocate our resources as an institution."

    Mark Kondrak, CIO

    mark Kondrak

    “Our incoming students are digital natives, and the environment into which our graduates are launched is being digitally transformed -- across all aspects of human society, in every industry and sector of the economy, and across the globe. For Hamline to remain relevant, and in order to help prepare our students for the rest of their lives in an increasingly digital world, it is incumbent upon us to embrace Hamline NOW and the opportunities afforded by digital transformation.”