Hamline News

Forensic Science Program Featured on KARE 11


Hamline is the only university in Minnesota that offers a forensic science certificate program, so it makes sense that KARE 11 News called on Hamline students and a faculty member to help produce a feature story that aimed to illustrate all of the physical evidence and forensic clues people leave behind everyday.

Reporter Trisha Volpe called on Forensic Science Professor of Practice Glenn Hardin and students Stephanie Perry and Jon Pinke to help collect and examine the fingerprints, footprints, fiber and hair samples, and possible DNA evidence left behind by a mother of two, a volunteer for the news segment, in her kitchen, car, coffee shop, gym, and convenience store. Watch the Hamline team in the field and in the lab in the video below or on KARE 11's website. Find out more about Hamline's forensic science and criminal justice programs on our website.