• Student Loans

    Know your loans

    How much will you owe after graduation?
    What types of loans do you have and how many?

    • Federally backed or private- different options, terms, and assistance are available depending on the type

    What are the terms?

    • Interest rates
    • Length of payback periods
    • Restrictive or cost-inflicting rules
    • When to start paying?

    Identify your most valuable resources

    If you are unsure of your loan information, visit the financial aid office (located in East Hall or www.hamline.edu/fa) for a summary and explanation of the details of you specific situation.

    •  You can also view your loans on Piperline (Financial aid services>loan application history)
    •  Login and learn to navigate websites of your student loan providers
    •  Ask alumni and other recent graduates about their experiences
    •  Money Revolution is here to help!

    Create a proactive game plan before graduating

    What will an affordable monthly payment be?

    • Learn what other expenses to expect after college

     Based on a given monthly payment:

    • How long will it take to pay off your loans?
    • How much will you be paying in total interest?
    • Can you afford to pay extra in order to pay them off faster?