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    Need help decoding your financial aid award letter? We're here to help!

    Your award is available in two formats: electronically, and via a paper award letter that comes in the mail. Lost your paper award letter? No problem! Just email us from your Hamline Gmail account to request a copy.

    We know that financial aid terms can be complicated, so we've put together a glossary of terms for you to reference if there is a word or phrase you don't recognize.

    Review our example award letter below for helpful tips on how to read and understand its content.   

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    Award Letter Pg. 3 (2020)


    Understand Grants and Scholarships:

    Grant and Scholarship Disbursements: Assuming your financial aid file is complete, grants and scholarships you see on your award will be split equally between the fall and spring semesters. All grants and scholarships will disburse to your student account at the beginning of each term or 10 days prior to the first meeting of your earliest class in the term, whichever is later. More information can be found on our grants and scholarships page. 

    The J-term intersession and spring term will be combined for financial aid purposes. Grants and scholarships for this combined term will be credited to student accounts at the beginning of the spring term, generally in early February. For students enrolled in J-term, but not spring term, aid for J-term specific courses will disburse in early January.

    What about third party scholarships?

    Third party scholarships are scholarships from any outside resources like a high school, local church, business, etc. Please email finaid@hamline.edu if you know that you are receiving an outside scholarship with the amount and name of the scholarship. Additional information can be found on our outside scholarships page.

    Third Party Scholarship Disbursement: Unless otherwise specified by the scholarship agency, Hamline will disburse half your third party scholarship(s) for fall term and half for spring term. The funds will be disbursed to your student account as the funds arrive from the scholarship foundations. In cases where the scholarship is co-payable to Hamline and the student, the funds will be credited once you endorse the check at the Cashier's window.

    Understand Loan Options:

    Students and parents may be eligible for a number of different loans. Some loans are through the Federal government and some are through outside lenders such as banks or credit unions. Some loans require credits checks and some do not. Loans offered will be listed on your award letter. A loan is different from a grant or scholarship in that it must be repaid. For assistance with understanding the different types of loans and how to accept/apply for them, please visit our loan page.

    Student Loan Disbursement: Most student loans will be disbursed in two equal payments. Assuming all your loan acceptance, loan counseling, and promissory note requirements are complete, Hamline will disburse half your loan proceeds at the beginning of the fall term and the remaining half at the beginning of the spring term or 10 days prior to the first meeting of your earliest class in each term, whichever is later. Students enrolled for only one term may have their loans disbursed in one disbursement. Some circumstances require a proration of eligibility for single term loans. For alternative/private loans from a lender that sends funds to Hamline via paper check, the funds will be credited to your student account once you endorse the loan check at the Cashier's window.

    What happens to an overpayment?

    Overpayment refunds created by financial aid disbursements will be refunded to the student, or parent in cases the overpayment is created by a Parent PLUS loan, within 14 days after the overpayment is created. The refunds may be paid through direct deposit or through a paper check. For more information regarding refunds, please visit the Student Accounts Refund and Account Overpayment page.

    How is student employment/work study processed?

    Earnings from student employment will be paid to the student once they have secured a job, completed all required paperwork, and have earned wages. Earnings are paid bi-monthly to the student by direct deposit to your bank account or through paper check available at the Cashier's window. Additional information can be found on our student employment page.

    Financial Aid and Student Accounts Policies are important for all students to review:

    Financial Aid policies can be viewed on our policy page.