Financial Aid

Cost Estimator for 2018-2019

This tool is intended only for undergraduate students who already have a financial aid award package for the 2018-2019 academic year. It will help you estimate both your Hamline bill (direct costs) and the total cost of attending Hamline including books, personal expenses, etc. (indirect costs). If you are going to be a new student at Hamline, you can use our Net Price Calculator to estimate your award package (returning undergraduates should not use that tool as it will not be accurate). The Net Price Calculator can be found at Please contact us with any questions!
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Tuition Info
Credits per semester:

12-18 credits per semester: $20,142
Under 12 credits: $1,259 per credit

*19-20 credits: $20,142 plus $1,259 for each credit over 18

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Health Service Fee  
Student Activities  
Facilities Fee  
Science Labs (enter number of courses) Info Approximately $30 per semester
Music lessons for non-music majors (enter credits) $50 per credit
Optional/Other Hamline Expenses
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Room & Board
Meal Plan Info (Required if in a dorm room)
Optional declining balance (increments of $50) :
Estimate of Hamline Costs
Financial Aid Info
Scholarships/Grants per semester
Student Loans per semester  Info
Estimate of Financial Aid Resources  
Estimated Hamline Bill
Other Educational Expenses (per semester)
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Estimate of Other Educational Expenses  
Estimated Total Educational Expenses  
Other Financing Options      
Student Savings Contributions
Parental Assistance
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Estimated Total Educational Expenses to Finance