• Veena_Deo

    Veena Deo

    Professor, English


    Veena Deo is a Professor in the department of English at Hamline University's College of Liberal Arts. She has an extensive background in teaching literary and textual studies as well as interdisciplinary approaches to Gender, Ethnic and Global Studies. Deo has published articles on African American literature as well as South Asian literatures. Her most recent publication is an English translation of Marathi short stories by writer Urmila Pawar, titled Motherwit (Zubaan Books, 2013). Deo holds a BA in English from Fergusson College, Pune, India; an MA in English from the University of Poona, India; and a PhD in English from the University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.


    Students taking a class with Professor Deo will learn how to be critical readers, writers and thinkers understanding the connections between cultural contexts, histories, values and the ethical making of knowledge for themselves and for others.

    “I would like students to gain a nuanced awareness of themselves in relationship to others around them in every context since we all come from a variety of backgrounds and histories. In order to become such a person, students need to understand the role of knowledge construction, critical understanding of the power of language and how to deploy it ethically and consciously.”

    -Veena Deo