• Nikolay Megits

    Nikolay Megits, PhD, MBA

    Adjunct Professor; Management, Marketing and Public Administration Department


    Dr. Nikolay Megits is an expert of global economics, strategic management, FDI in emerging markets, and entrepreneurship, with a distinguished record of academic achievement in lecturing and scholarly research. He possesses over 25 years of international business experience including strategic planning, sales, and import/export practices. Dr. Megits received his MBA from Augsburg University in Minneapolis, and earned a Doctorate in Economics from the Universitas Libera Ucrainensis in Munich, Germany. He is associated with Target Corporation and serves as an adjunct professor for numerous international business courses in the US and abroad. During his business career, Dr. Megits founded, owned and operated several successful start-up enterprises. Most currently, he established the Institute of Easter Europe and Central Asia and launched the Journal of Eastern European and Central Asian Research. Dr. Megits is an Academic of the Ukrainian Academy of Economic Sciences, Member of the U.S. Academy of International Businesses and the Project Management Institute-Minnesota Chapter.

    Teaching Style

    When teaching in the classroom, Dr. Megits likes students to think about the class as a community. Every student has something to contribute from her/his life experiences and by analyzing the events that shape our world. His lectures are not limited to didactic instruction, but engage students through collaborative work in small groups. As a course instructor, he always looks forward to communicating directly with individual students because it allows him to address their concerns and better understand the concepts they find challenging. Professor Megits has had the opportunity to work with a diverse student body, thus he strives to provide a conducive, trusting environment in which students of different cultural and ethnic origins can have the confidence to share their ideas without fear of judgment or rejection. Furthermore, he enjoys mentoring diverse students and providing encouragement and advice as they continue their careers despite of students believe and country of origins. He continued his academic career after over a decade in business, have worked around the world, and participated in conferences in Europe, Latin America, and South Africa.

    “I lived and worked in a country that no longer exists, then immigrated to a land with a completely different language, culture, and economic system. I was inspired by opportunities for entrepreneurship, and applied myself to take advantage of beneficial circumstances. Thus I always tell my students, regardless of the obstacles, with passion, hard work, and critical thinking they can always achieve their dreams.”

    -Nikolay Megits, Ph.D.

  • Publications

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