• Professor Nancy Holland

    Nancy Holland

    Hanna Professor, Philosophy


    Professor Nancy Holland's areas of specialization include: postmodern European philosophy, feminist philosophy, and the work of Martin Heidegger. Holland received her BA from Stanford University and her PhD from the University of California Berkeley. Holland is the Author of, Is Women's Philosophy Possible? (Rowman & Littlefield), The Madwoman's Reason: The Concept pf the Appropriate in Ethical Thought (Penn State Press), Ontological Humility: Lord Voldemort and the Philosophers (SUNY Press), and is the editor/co-editor of volumes in the ReReading the Canon series on Jacques Derrida and Martin Heidegger (Penn State Press).


    Nancy Holland's classes are a hybrid between lectures and discussion; the balance between the two varies with the topic and the level of the course, and the needs of the students in a particular class. All of her classes are based on primary texts (in translation, where needed).

    "In a variation on what I said in my book Ontological Humility: Lord Voldemort and the Philosophers, philosophy "allows us to see beyond claims of certain knowledge, whether based on reason or on science; provides a basis for challenging the environmental degradation and other excesses of the technological age; helps us live lives of existential authenticity; reveals structures of domination; explains our ignorance as well as our knowledge; and suggests how we might better share the world across the boundaries of gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, social class, age, nationality and religion."

    -Nancy Holland