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Mike Farris
(651) 523-2294
St. Paul Main Campus > Drew Science Center > DSC 204

Mike Farris


Contact Info

Mike Farris
(651) 523-2294
St. Paul Main Campus > Drew Science Center > DSC 204


Mike Farris is an Professor of Biology in Hamline University's College of Liberal Arts, and teaches courses in ecology, evolution, plant and animal physiology, and plant biology.  He holds a BS in Botany from Miami University, an MS in Botany from Ohio State University, and a PhD in Ecology and Evolution from the University of Colorado.

Teaching Style

Professor Farris started off looking at how physiological differences among plants led to different reproductive outputs. More recently he has written on the effects of high altitude on human performance.

"I'm interested in how differences among organisms translate into differences in success, and I'm especially interested in taking a holistic approach to answering these questions."

-Mike Farris

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