• Professor Kimberly Hartung

    Kimberly Hartung

    Associate Professor, Advanced Degrees Administrative Licensure


    Kim Hartung, EdD, is an Associate Professor and Faculty Director of in the Administrative Licensure program in Hamline University's School of Education. In this capacity, she teaches and advises K12 Principal, Superintendent and Director of Special Education licensure candidates. Kim has a solid background in teaching and leading in K12 schools and districts, and she has facilitated learning and trainings on Collaborative Leadership, Learning Communities, Instructional and Peer Coaching, Implementing School Change, and other school leadership topics. In 2012 she was appointed to the MN Board of School Administrators, which oversees MN administrative licenses, and continues to serves on this state board. Her research focuses on school and district leadership preparation, instructional leadership, and culturally competent leadership.


    Students in Hamline's Administrative Licensure program will focus on the knowledge, skills, and experiences aligned with the MN administrative licensing competencies. Kim's teaching is grounded in the foundation of the School of Education: collaborative, constructivist, inquiry-based, and reflective learning. Developing the qualities of a culturally competent, instructional leader is the goal of the program and her teaching.

    "I believe my students need to develop the efficacy within themselves to lead challenging and diverse learning environments. As a result, I am committed to creating learning experiences that honor their diversity and help them reach their goals."

    - Kim Hartung