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Emma Bull


Emma Bull used the city of Minneapolis and its music as the setting for her first novel, War for the Oaks, and with it helped create the current contemporary urban fantasy genre. The book won the Locus Award for Best First Novel and was nominated for the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award. Her third novel, Bone Dance, was nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards, and won a Philip K. Dick Award second prize. She has sold seven novels and many shorter works, co-created and edited the fantasy shared-world anthology Liavek, and garnered several more award nominations. She is the Executive Producer of Shadow Unit, which she describes as fan fiction for a TV show that never existed. (www.shadowunit.org) Five "seasons" of stories that are available for free online, as well as a variety of extra material and deleted scenes.

Emma has taught at Clarion West Writer's Workshop, and presented classes and workshops at schools and literary events in Tuscon, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Boston, and around Minnesota. She's in a critique group with Steven Brust, Adam Stemple, Pamela Dean, and Will Shetterly, which makes her happy.


Shadow Unit (Series, books 1-15, with Elizabeth Bear and others)
CatYelling, 2011-2014

Freedom and Necessity, with Steven Brust
Tor Books, 2007

Tor Books, 2007

Double Feature (story collection with Will Shetterly)
NESFA Press, 1999

Tor Books, 1994

The Princess and the Lord of Night (picture book)
Harcourt, Brace, 1994

Bone Dance
Ace Books, 1991

Ace Books, 1989

War for the Oaks
Ace / Tor Books, 1987

Nightspeeder: The Screenplay (with Will Shetterly)
Hollywood Comics, 2004

War for the Oaks: The Screenplay (with Will Shetterly)
Hollywood Comics, 2004