• Urban Teaching Certification

    For nearly 15 years Hamline has been a regional expert in urban education, educating today’s leaders and teachers and being on the forefront of this important initiative.

    Home to the Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching (CEUT), which leads the serving as a resource on urban teaching issues, Hamline also offers a variety of academic programs that assists student teachers, early career teachers, and veteran teachers who are interested in closing the achievement gap by focusing on practical application and instructional strategies via certificate programs, seminars, workshops, and more.

    Certificate in Urban Teaching

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    The first of its kind in Minnesota, this 10-credit program is comprised of graduate-level courses aimed at helping teachers apply successful classroom strategies for urban and urban-like learners. The certificate offers new and veteran teachers alike advanced preparation on the knowledge and skills required for success with students from diverse racial, ethnic, linguistic, economic, and social backgrounds.

    Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching

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    The Hamline University Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching (CEUT) assists individuals who are preparing to be teachers, early career teachers, and veteran teachers in working with the multicultural populations and the complex social situations of diverse classrooms. The center offers a variety of programs that help those who teach in culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse classrooms:

    • On-site Professional Development - Hamline’s Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching provides on-site options for advanced training custom tailored to your needs and environment. We ensure that your school or district receives new tools, awareness, and strategies that support the educational success of today’s learners. Through conducting assessment of needs; designing specific professional development programs; conducting evaluation activities; and doing the crucial follow-up, the Center is a comprehensive resource for your school.
    • Urban Education Summer Scholars - The Urban Education Summer Scholars (UESS) program recruits, supports, and retains teachers of color who express a commitment to pursue a career in education in an urban setting. Scholarship recipients participate in a classroom internship experience within the Saint Paul Public Schools as well as workshops that focus on issues in urban education. UESS scholars attend seminars and workshops focused on eliminating the achievement gap, and gain hands-on experience working in urban and urban-like classrooms.
    • Project Soar - The goal of Project SOAR is to increase the basic reading skills of K-3 learners who live and attend school in urban communities by 90 %. In the past Project SOAR has successfully served 40 students who were identified as needing supplementary reading coaching and who are ethnically, linguistically and economically diverse. Project Soar’s success is due to a strong partnership between Hamline University and Ames Elementary School in Saint Paul.