• Student Teaching MAT Students

    The Teacher Candidate Will:

    • Come ready to learn; be enthusiastic and show initiative.

    • Introduce yourself to team members and school personnel.

    • Ask questions and discuss professional issues.

    • Share ideas and work cooperatively/flexibly.

    • Help with all classroom responsibilities... record keeping, grading, etc.

    • Know your content and be a continuous learner.

    • Plan engaging, standards based lessons.

    • Know and implement co-teaching strategies.

    • Accept feedback and put suggestions for improvement into practice.

    • Be proactive in initiating communication with your triad members.

    • Demonstrate respectful behaviors.

    • Be reflective about your practice.

    • Be patient with yourself and your cooperating teacher.

    • Be a sponge; learn all you can from everyone in the building.

    Ready for Student Teaching?

    Get your Facebook page in order, review six important issues for teachers, and start thinking like the teacher you want to be.
    Download the Ready for Student Teaching Guide    

    Intake Resource Packet

    The Intake Resource Packet has information that was covered during the Student Teaching Intake Session.
    Download the Intake Resource Packet  


    Once your student teaching profile has been officially received, you will receive information about the petition process.  

    Download the MAT Petition Form

    Video Consent Form

    Video releases ONLY need to be signed for students who you will videotape whose families have not already signed a school/district media release form. Ask your co-op how to find out which students have these on file.

    For each student appearing in the video clip(s), you will need to provide EITHER:
    - site administrator verification that a media release form on file
    - signed edTPA video release form (copy or original).
    Download Video Consent Form 


    The school, teacher, and student teacher may be legally responsible for injuries or other situations which may occur when working with students. The student teacher must obtain liability coverage through Education Minnesota (EM) or Association of American Educators (AAE) before the start of student teaching. Applications for liability insurance are available online at Education Minnesota or Association of American Educators. The cost of this coverage is minimal.


    Background Check Information

    Every teacher candidate must have a background check done for the school district they are placed in.  It is your responsibility to complete, pay for and submit all forms needed to the appropriate district personnel BEFORE you begin your placement.  If a background check is not submitted to the school district before your first day of student teaching, it may result in a pulled placement. 
    Download School District Background Check Information

    Seven County Metro Area School Districts

    Map of the Metro Area School Districts

    HSE Student Teaching Handbook




    Student Teaching Evaluation


    Additional Resources 

    Code of Ethics 
    Standards of Effective Practice for Beginning Teachers