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    Student Teaching Cooperating Teachers

    For Cooperating Teachers

    Cooperating Teachers will:

    • Help the teacher candidate feel comfortable and welcome.
    • Review school policies and procedures.
    • Encourage teacher candidate to get involved in school activities.
    • Share materials and ideas.
    • Assist the candidate in developing standards based lessons.
    • Observe and provide constructive feedback.
    • Know and implement the co-teaching strategies.
    • Mentor and guide the teacher candidate.
    • Model effective teaching strategies and professional behavior.
    • Be flexible; allow the teacher candidate to try new ideas.
    • Communicate expectations.
    • Be understanding and patient.
    • Maintain consistency and accountability.

    The Cooperating Teacher

    The Cooperating Teacher is a critical player in the student teaching experience. Most of what is learned during student teaching comes from the experience of planning and delivering lessons and participating in other teacher responsibilities all done in a co-teaching setting. This would not be possible if the cooperating teacher had not generously opened up his/her classroom for the student teacher's professional development.

    The next level of learning comes as the cooperating teacher helps the student teacher reflect, provide daily feedback, and share their knowledge of the school, school policies, students and what teaching strategies work for them.

    At the conclusion of the student teacher's experience, the cooperating teacher is asked to complete a form evaluating the student teacher's performance within their classroom.

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