• Field Experience Undergraduate Students (UTE)

    What Not To Wear?

    Know what the district policy is on the teacher dress code.  This can be found on their website or reach out to your hosting teacher to ask what the school policy is.  


    Ready For Teaching?

    Get your Facebook page in order, review six important issues for teachers, and start thinking like the teacher you want to be.
    Download the Ready for Teaching Guide

    Background Check Information

    Every teacher candidate must have a background check done for the school district they are placed in. It is your responsibility to complete, pay for and submit all forms needed to the appropriate district personnel BEFORE you begin your placement.  If a background check is not submitted to the school district before your first day of student teaching, it may result in a pulled placement.
    Download School District Background Check Information 



    Code of Ethics
    Standards of Effective Practice for Beginning Teachers