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    Field Experience

    Field Placement Process

    The Office of Clinical Experience Coordinator will visit classes during the first week of school to explain the field experience procedures. Placements are directly disseminated to students via the OCE website. Students need to check the website to watch for your placement. OCE will not contact you when placements are made. This is your responsibility to check and begin as soon as you see you have been placed.

    Students are asked to contact their assigned cooperating teacher within 3 days of receipt of their placement. (Failure to contact your cooperating teacher may lead to the termination of a placement.) Scheduling your specific field experience hours occurs directly between you and your cooperating teacher, although a preset lab time has been built in to a few EDU courses. Please do not change the EDU preset lab time without your professor's consent.

    Clinical expectations are provided to the student by the course instructor the first night of class and can be downloaded from the OCE website. Evaluation forms are completed by cooperating teachers, then submitted directly to the OCE and housed in each student's permanent file. Copies of these evaluations are eventually needed for incorporation into Pre-Student Teaching Assessments.

    Clinical hours not completed by finals week will result in an incomplete.