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    Professional Readiness

    The teacher candidate...

    1. is prompt and reliable
    2. presents self in a professional manner
    3. dresses appropriately
    4. demonstrates a commitment to teaching
    5. actively seeks appropriate ways to be involved learning in the classroom
    6. interacts appropriately with teachers in the classroom
    7. demonstrates the ability to collaborate with other professionals
    8. communicates effectively with students
    9. establishes an appropriate rapport with students in the classroom
    10. demonstrates fairness
    11. demonstrates the belief that all students can learn



    The teacher candidate...

    1. plans adequately for lessons
    2. plans lesson content that is consistent with curricular goals
    3. plans appropriate content objectives
    4. plans appropriate academic language objectives
    5. plans appropriate language development objectives
    6. plans for student-to-student dialogue around content learning
    7. plans appropriately for student differences
    8. plans appropriately for responsive instruction



    The teacher candidate...

    1. conveys content objectives to students
    2. conveys academic language objectives to students
    3. uses materials and media appropriate to the interests and skill level of students
    4. adapts instruction within the lesson as necessary
    5. exhibits appropriate command of content
    6. integrates academic language skills into content instruction
    7. exhibits effective classroom management skills
    8. effectively implements planned lessons
    9. facilitates student to student dialogue around content learning



    The teacher candidate...

    1. utilizes formative assessment
    2. utilizes summative assessment
    3. applies what is learned from assessment to inform future lessons
    4. aligns assessment with objectives and instruction


    Analysis of Teaching

    The teacher candidate...

    1. demonstrates ability to receive feedback in a constructive manner
    2. demonstrates reasoned responses to feedback
    3. appropriately examines own practice.
    4. responds to own reflection.
    5. evaluates strengths and weaknesses of a lesson after having taught it


    Overall Rating of Competency

    How well do you feel the teacher candidate met the objectives and expected performances within the student teaching experience?

    For cooperating teachers only:
    Would you be willing to mentor a Hamline student again in the future?

    If yes, when would be your preferred semester. 


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