• MAT/Initial Licensure Program Field Experience and Student Teaching

    Elementary, Secondary, or K-12 student teaching provides pre-service educators with experiences to connect theory and practice in the context of a K-12 classroom(s). Pre-service teachers' responsibilities include: long-term planning, implementation of an integrated curriculum, the facilitation of small- and large-group learning, and the development of assessment systems that support the MN graduation standards for K-12 students.

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    Global Student Teaching

    (Unique Partnership between Hamline and EducatorsAbroad)


    Students who are interested in student teaching overseas should submit an e-mail letter of intent to Professor Bill Lindquist (see below). The letter, which must include the applicant’s contact information and follow the formatting guidelines of a professional cover letter, should address the following:  

    1. Give a brief overview of your background including area/s of licensure.
    2. Provide a clear rationale for requesting a study abroad experience.
    3. Explain your readiness to teach and travel in a new country.
    4. Give a rank-ordered list of desired locations for the overseas placement.
    5. Assess your financial capacity to support the study abroad experience (be sure to consider housing/living accommodations in addition to travel costs). Explain how you will cover the costs.
    6. E-mail the letter to Professor Bill Lindquist at wlindquist02@hamline.edu.    
    7. Please submit the letter of intent by the due dates listed below. Letters submitted after the designated deadlines will not be reviewed.

    Fall Student Teaching: submit the letter by January 1 to meet EducatorsAbroad's March 1 deadline. 

    Spring or Summer Student Teaching: submit the letter by August 1 to meet EducatorAbroad's October 1 deadline.

    *Note: Hamline University is not able to offer summer student teaching placements. No exceptions are allowed.

    A staff member will contact the applicant to set up an interview for the purpose of assessing the following:  

         1.   Clarity of the student’s goals related to the study abroad experience. 
         2.   The student's adaptability, flexibility, and professionalism, in addition to 
                her/his readiness to teach overseas. 
         3.   Approximately one (1) week after the interview takes place, the student will 
               be sent a decision letter (request accepted or rejected). If a student’s                         
               request is approved, the letter will outline additional instructions and 
               steps to complete the application.     


    All Student Teachers: Complete a minimum of eight (8) weeks of full-time elementary or secondary student teaching in the stateside placement first and a minimum of ten (10) weeks of student teaching in an approved overseas school for a minimum of eighteen (18) weeks of student teaching. Students must complete all stateside requirements before being cleared to travel overseas. EducatorsAbroad will arrange the overseas placement, which includes assigning the student to a qualified supervisor. 

    All Student Teachers: Based on your licensure area/s, you will complete 8 weeks of student teaching in a K-12 school. After returning from the overseas experience, you will participate in an exit interview with your Hamline supervisor. 


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    Summary of Steps

    1. Submit a letter of intent to Professor Bill Lindquist and request an appointment for the 1:1 interview.

    2. Wait for Professor Lindquist to send you a decision letter. If approved, proceed to the next steps.

    3. View EducatorsAbroad's website at http://educatorsabroad.org/. Complete the application form and submit the fee.

    4. For the form that requires Prof. Lindquist's signature.

    5. Contact the Student Placement Coordinator, Danielle Zdon, to inform him of your plans, and ask him who the MAT student teaching faculty lead will be for the semester you plan to student teach.

    6. Arrange for your own accommodations including room/board and transportation.