• MAT Current Students - Licensing

    Licensing Contact Information

    Staff Contact - If you have any questions or need assistance, your staff contact is:
    Jessica Mueller
    Licensure Certification Officer
    Jessica is responsible for processing all licenses - initial, additional and administrative - and forwarding application documents to the Minnesota Department of Education.

    Licensing Requirements

    The requirements for approval of your full professional 5-year Minnesota teaching license are:

    • Successful completion of student teaching and seminar (passing grade in Piperline)
    • Completion of an exit interview with your Hamline student teaching supervisor
    • Passing grade of B- or better in all license-required courses
    • Passing scores for all state-required license tests*
    • Verification that Hamline is in possession of all transcripts from non-Hamline institutions which contain equivalent license-required coursework (if applicable)
    • Submission of your EdTPA and acknowledgement received from Pearson of its successful upload

    * Contact Jessica Mueller for the most up to date information on which tests are required.