• English as a Second Language Licensure Requirements

    State Licensing Tests

    Basic Skills
    Pedagogy (Elementary or Secondary)
    English as a Second Language Content

    Graduate Education Courses

    GED 7801 Intro to MAT, 0cr
    GED 7815 Schools and Society, 4cr (prerequisite for GED 7867)
    GED 7825 Educational Psychology, 4cr (prerequisite for GED 7867)
    GED 7867 Theory to Practice, 4cr (prerequisite for GED 7875)
    GED 7862 Education and Cultural Diversity, 4cr
    GED 7872 Exceptionality, 2cr
    GED 7878 Teaching ESL and World Languages K-12 Part I, 4cr
    GED 7896 K-12 Student Teaching, 8cr
    GED 0050 Student Teaching Seminar, 2 cr

    English as a Second Language Courses

    ESL 7519 Linguistics for Language Teachers, 4cr
    ESL 7650 Basics of Modern English, 4cr
    ESL 7660 Second Language Acquisition, 3cr
    ESL 7755 Development of Literacy Skills, 3 cr (prerequisite for ESL 7776)
    ESL 7753 Testing and Evaluation of English Language Learners, 2cr
    ESL 7610 History of English, 1 cr
    ESL 7502 Language and Society, 4 cr
    ESL 7776 ESL Methods, 4 cr (take semester prior to student teaching)

    To get an ESL license in Minnesota, candidates need to show that they have learned a language other than English. The minimum requirement is either two years in high school or two semesters in college, documented with a transcript. Candidates whose first language is not English, or who have acquired another language in other ways, should discuss their case with Hamline staff.

    Two options for completing your MAT degree 

    Once you've completed student teaching and seminar, choose the option that best fits your needs for degree completion.


    Features: 12 credits, 3 four-credit courses, capstone project completed within one-year 
    GED 8025A & B: Public Policy: Design and Action  (2+2 credits, taken in same term) 
    GED 8023: Capstone Practicum (4 credits) 
    GED 8495:  Capstone (4 credits)  


    Features: 12 credits, 3 four-credit courses, 3 consecutive terms 
    You choose from four content cohorts, starting in spring or fall: 
    Culture & Diversity Cohort :  Spring, Summer, Fall semesters (on hold pending curriculum review) 
    Literacy Cohort:   Spring, Summer, Fall semesters 
    English as a Second Language Cohort:  Fall, Spring, Summer semesters 
    Science & Inquiry Cohort:  Fall, Spring, Summer semesters