• MAT Current Students - Advising

    Program and Contact Information

    Program Information - The required MAT curriculum varies by license area. At your initial advising session, you will work with your staff advisor to create a personalized program planner. Initial advising typically takes place in-person, but is also available via phone, email or video call according to your needs.

    During your time at Hamline you will be assigned to both a staff advisor and a faculty advisor. Your staff advisor is available to assist you with questions including class registration, course planning, and finding appropriate content courses. Your faculty advisor can answer questions regarding the curriculum, how to prepare to become a teacher, and what areas of research might best suit you.

    You should meet with your staff advisor at least once a semester to discuss the upcoming term and any other questions you might have. You should meet with your faculty advisor as needed. Faculty and staff advising will occur throughout your program and will include three checkpoints: initial advising, Student Teaching Intake Sessions, and an SEPBT conference.

    Staff Advising Contacts - If you have any questions or need assistance, your staff contacts are:

    Mike Noreen
    Director, Graduate Advising and Success

    Kerri Penke
    Graduate Advisor

    Documents/Forms/Links Library

    The following documents, forms and links may be necessary for you as an MAT student. If you have questions about any of these forms, please contact your staff advisor.

    Graduate Student Handbook: Additional and Initial Licensure 
    Graduate Petition Form 
    Global Student Teaching
    Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exams (MTLE)
    Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MNSCU)