• MAESL Adult ESL Strand

    The MAESL allows our Adult ESL Program graduates to teach ESL in community-based ESL programs, Adult Basic Education programs, and colleges, where many immigrant students start their advanced education in the United States.

    The Adult ESL Certificate Strand requires 41-43 credits, encompassing the following:  

    Adult ESL Certificate Courses: 8 credits

    • ESL 6631: Introduction to the Adult ELL: Developing Reading and Writing Skills (2 credits)
    • ESL 6634: ESL for Adults: Oral Skills (2 credits)
    • ESL 6636: Course Design for Adult ESL Classes (2 credits)
    • ESL 6638:Assessment of the Adult ELL (2 credits) 

    ESL courses: 18 credits

    • ESL 6612: Advocating for English Language Learners (2 credits)
    • ESL 7502: Language and Society (4 credits)
    • ESL 7519: Linguistics for Language Teachers (4 credits)
    • ESL 7610: History of English (1 credit)
    • ESL 7650: Basics of Modern English (4 credits)
    • ESL 7660: Second Language Acquisition (3 credits)

    Practicum experience: 2-4 credits

    Upper division coursework: 13 credits

    • ESL 8010: Phonetics and Phonology (2 credits)
    • ESL 8020: Advanced Linguistic Analysis (3 credits)
    • ESL 8490: Research Methodology (4 credits)
    • ESL 8495: ESL Capstone (4 credits)
  • Master of Arts in English as a Second Language Current Students

    Program Welcome

    Welcome to the Master of Arts in English as a Second Language (MAESL) program. The HSE staff and faculty are here to ensure that you have all the program information and resources necessary to be a successful MAESL student.                                   

    Program and Contact Information

    Program Information - The required curriculum includes 29 credits of required courses and additional elective credits according to your concentration area.

    Transfer credits. Up to 16 semester credits of graduate work from an outside institution may be transferred. Some restrictions may apply. Please contact Alyssa for more information.  

    Alyssa Vaj, MAESL Staff Contact
    avaj01@hamline.edu || 651-523-2697  
    Alyssa is the staff contact for the MAESL program and the Additional License program.  Alyssa joined the HSE staff after working for several years as a Licensed School Counselor.  She has been advising students at Hamline for four years.    


    Documents/Forms Library 

    The following documents and forms may be necessary for you as an MAESL student. If you have questions about any of these forms, please contact Alyssa.
    Degree Completion Timeline
    Intent to graduate form 
    Intent to Graduate Form Submission Information 
    Capstone Thesis Information Form 
    Capstone Thesis Completion Guide
    Capstone Project Completion Guide
    Electronic Capstone Rubric
    New Capstone Rubric Summer 2016 (Students who have completed GED 8023, ESL 8490, or GED 8035 prior to Summer 2016 will use the Capstone Rubric dated Fall 2013. Students completing GED 8023, ESL 8490, or GED 8035 starting Summer 2016 term will be assessed with the New Capstone Rubric dated Summer 2016.)
    Capstone Formatting
    Transfer of Credit 
    Extension Request